Featured collection

  • clay

    Purely handmade by expert potters, each urn is made traditionally by free forming a clay on a potter's wheel, molding the earth to take shape into a warm and tender dwelling place for the departed.

  • stone

    Made with natural crushed limestone, all urns from this collection are hand casted into a design inspired by the earth. Each design is a different interpretation of the environment that surrounds us. These urns are made to evoke tranquility, which reconnects the departed to nature.

  • marble

    The embodiment of classic sophistication, and grace— marble pieces hold a high value because of its understated elegance. Each piece in our collection is finely handcrafted by masters of the marble art to give the departed a timeless resting place.

looking for imported metal urns?

Sara Urns PH offers a wide range of imported urn selection, ranging from brass to wood, to cater to those who seek a more traditional manner to commemorate the life of a loved one. 

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