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Temples in Sunset

our urns

Our design philosophy is simple — evoke a feeling of tranquility without compromising quality. 


Meticulously handcrafted using materials from nature, our urns are consciously designed, imbuing the departed with peace and stillness in the confines of their dwelling place. 


A memorable urn for a memorable soul.

urn categories

Image by Henry & Co.

the marble haven

The embodiment of classic sophistication, and grace— marble pieces hold a high value because of its understated elegance.


Each piece in our collection is finely handcrafted by masters of the marble art to give the departed a timeless resting place.


the stone haven

Made with natural crushed limestone, all urns from this collection are hand carved into a design inspired by the earth.


Each design is a different interpretation of the environment that surrounds us. The Stone Haven houses urns that evoke tranquility, which reconnects the departed to nature.


the clay haven

Purely handmade by expert potters, each urn is made traditionally by free forming a clay on a potter's wheel, molding the earth to take shape into a warm and tender dwelling place for the departed.

how to choose an urn



The capacity of an urn should be able to fit the ashes of the deceased. A good rule of thumb to follow is 1 pound = 1 cubic inch.



Take note of the dimensions of where you're going to store the urn so you can make sure that the urn you're getting will fit the space you have reserved for it.

Every columbarium niche has varying sizes so it's better to check with your columbarium salesperson to make sure your urn will fit.



To pay tribute to your loved one, the aesthetic should honor the personal wishes of the deceased. However, if this remains unknown, you may choose a design that would reflect his or her personality - something that would bring them peace.

urn handling


the marble haven

You may use a glass cleaning solution or a chemical-free cleaner to clean the exterior of the urn from time to time. You may also use water but make sure to dry the urn completely. Avoid using acid-based solutions to avoid breaking down the material. It would be best to store inside an enclosed shelf or on top of a sturdy table.


the stone haven

To remove dust or dirt, use water and a soft brush for cleaning. Make sure to dry the urn completely, to avoid excess water soaking the urn. For longer use, it is recommended to place the urn inside an enclosed shelf.


the clay haven

Use a soft dry cloth to wipe away dirt or dust gently. To avoid causing damage to the ceramic, avoid using water for cleaning and store inside an enclosed shelf or on top of a sturdy table.

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